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I'm Emily, my favorite books are Catcher in the Rye and Wuthering Heights.
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Oh hey I decided to do a giveaway in honor of reaching over 2500 followers and in honor of reblogging this beautiful picture everyday for a year and as a thank you to you guys as well :)


  • im going to be lame and say you have to be following me ( i will check sorry)
  • only reblogs count
  • you can reblog as many times as you want but please don’t be annoying
  • winner doesn’t have to take everything they can choose what they want and whatever (if anything) is left their can be another winner
  • you can live outside of USA but please understand that it might take me a little bit to send it to you because I want to be sure it all gets there safely

anyway here is the stuff I’m giving away:

  • Jimmy Page is my hero button
  • led zeppelin tapestry
  • tight but loose issue 37
  • you can choose up to 3 more of those magazines the magazines issues and dates are:
    🌼 Rolling stone issue no. 413 January 19th 1984, 🌼Musician issue no. 145 November 1990 ,🌼 Uncut take 140 January 2009, 🌼Kerang! issue no. 313 October 27th 1990,🌼 guitar “guitar sex toys” august 1995, 🌼guitar world July 2014,🌼uncut take 132 may 2008, 🌼Guitar world May 1993,🌼RIP June 1993.
  • Light & Shade Conversations with Jimmy Page by Brad Tolinski
  • Almost Famous
  • The Song Remains the Same Collectors Edition with shrink wrap has been opened but the T shirt is still in shrink wrap and DVD’s have never been played and has all the cards and stuff in it.
  • Celebration Day 2CD + DVD never opened
  • 4 records that you can choose from part of my collection (this isn’t my whole collection sorry I’m selfish) double lp’s count as one. I will be adding more records to the collection as I buy more. If you have any questions about a certain record feel free to ask
  • link to records you can choose from is here (x)
  • a mix cd that I will make winner can give me a theme or I can base it off their blog or whatever
  • mystery gift that i think the winner will like could be guitar strings, could be 1000 live lady bugs who knows (no guarantees that you will actually like it)

Giveaway Ends: December 13th have fun :)

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when your friends make plans right in front of you and dont invite youimage

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you know what to do with that big fat butt

wiggle wiggle wiggle


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"what do you want to do with your life?"


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when yo friend is considering watchin yo favorite show


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